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Optional albedocolor

albedocolor: Array<number>

Optional albedotexture

albedotexture: string

Optional alpha

alpha: number

Optional ambientcolor

ambientcolor: Array<number>

Optional ambienttexture

ambienttexture: string

Optional bumpheight

bumpheight: number

Optional bumptexture

bumptexture: string

Optional colorblendfactor

colorblendfactor: number

Optional emissivecolor

emissivecolor: Array<number>

Optional emissivetexture

emissivetexture: string

Optional glow

glow: boolean

Optional indexofrefraction

indexofrefraction: number

Optional metallic

metallic: number

Optional name

name: string

Optional opacitytexture

opacitytexture: string

Optional reflection

reflection: boolean

Optional reflectivitycolor

reflectivitycolor: Array<number>

Optional reflectivitytexture

reflectivitytexture: string

Optional refraction

refraction: boolean

Optional roughness

roughness: number

Optional specularcolor

specularcolor: Array<number>

Optional speculartexture

speculartexture: string

Optional texturesize

texturesize: number

Optional type

type: string

Optional watercolor

watercolor: Array<number>

Optional waveheight

waveheight: number

Optional wavelength

wavelength: number

Optional windforce

windforce: number


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